Yoga & Meditation

Yoga meditation is the time-proven way of unlocking our soul’s infinite potential. It is not a vague mental process of thinking or philosophical pondering. It is the direct means of freeing the attention from life’s distractions, stilling the turbulent and restless thoughts that keep us from knowing our real Self — the wondrous divine being that we really are. Through the discipline of meditation, we learn to concentrate within, discovering our center of unshakable peace and joy.

Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of meditation are multiple. Through regular practice, subtle transformations take place in one’s body, mind, and inmost consciousness. Some of these benefits are experienced right away; others unfold progressively and may take more time to become apparent.

Inner peace is one of the first fruits of meditation. Along with that come greater clarity, understanding, and guidance from within.
Meditation brings objectivity and intuitive knowledge of how to address the problems that arise in the course of daily life.  It improves one’s concentration and efficiency, and one’s attitude toward work.
It brings greater harmony and joy to relationships and family life, awakening the capacity to give and receive unconditional love.
It harmonizes the life forces in the body, removing harmful stress and promoting health and vitality.
Most importantly, it helps to attune one’s consciousness to the Divine, bestowing an unshakable inward happiness and security amidst all circumstances of life.